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Teens In Crisis

Client Testimonials

Thanks so much for your help this last year. 
-Mr. L.

As we reflect on this past year, we feel grateful to you for helping direct us through a very difficult time.  We especially appreciate your patience and continued efforts at ensuring the success of this process. 
-Mrs. M.

What a godsend that you were brought into our lives.  Thank you for all of your professional and personal help this year.  
-Ms. G.

Thanks, Virginia, for your reassuring words...and good judgment.  That meant a lot to us at our most difficult time and is something for which we always will be grateful. 
-Mr. J.

So pleased with his placement.  My child’s connection with his therapist is extraordinary. 
-Mrs. W.

Thanks so much for the humor, wisdom and compassion you and Susan have shown in helping Cathy and us get this far.  It's hard to imagine where we would be without your help. 
-Mr. and Mrs. K

We went to Virginia out of desperation.  Her intervention resulted in a dramatic improvement in our teenage daughter’s academics, attitude and disposition. 
-Mr. A.

I really appreciate how supportive and encouraging you always are of me.
-Student G.