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Teens In Crisis

The Student's View

Student's ViewI'm hurting, but I don't let myself feel it. I'm so my family, my teachers and all the people who think that I don't try and that I don't care. School sucks, and there's no point in trying.

I drink, I smoke...or maybe not. I may do drugs too...a lot...way more than my parents would ever guess. Or maybe I'm the kid in the streets who never goes home; or the kid who stays locked in my room, addicted to computer games and the Net. I've found people on the web who understand me and want to help/hurt me and use me.

And sometimes I'm a kid who has no one - no one likes me. I am alone at home, alone at school, alone in the world. I can't... I won't let myself talk to anyone because no one will understand. I could just kill myself. Kill them?

I am the perfect girl. Pretty. My parents don't know that I cut on myself. I starve myself or throw up my food after I've eaten. I am ugly, but, I've had sex - a choice and by force.

No one understands why I slam doors, punch holes in the walls, run away or block out the world with headphones and music that my parents say is evil. Adopted, molested, beat up and beat down. I'm a failure in school, a failure in life and I just can't care any more.

My parents scream and shout and are worried about me. I'm worried about me too.