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Our Services

The right choice for your child depends on many factors. You don't have to figure it out by yourself. We work collaboratively with involved parents, teachers, and therapists to determine a course of action regarding the child or young adult involved. Before making this important decision, consider all the options.

Virginia Reiss Associates is a BBB Accredited Psychologist in Larkspur, CA

The spectrum of services we provide:

  • Drug and Alcohol Issues/ Mental Illness/ Educational Failure/ Social Needs:
    • Referrals to local professionals
    • Recommendations for Young Adult Programs
    • Crisis Intervention and recommendations for adolescents regarding therapeutic schools, wilderness therapy programs or residential treatment programs

  • Traditional Needs:
    • Day and boarding school selection
    • Summer and gap year options

  • Learning Differences/Special Needs:
    • Referrals to local professionals
    • Advocacy - working with families and schools to implement the appropriate interventions and goals for an individualized educational plan
    • Educational and life skills planning for students with special needs and or learning differences (including Autistic Spectrum)
    • Psycho-educational evaluations
    • Recommendations for day and boarding schools
    • Summer, interim and gap year options
    • Recommendations for colleges for students with learning differences
    • Over 18 Transitional Programs

  • Expert Witness:
    • Court testimony in legal proceedings related to family, educational and school placement