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Our Process

The right educational setting offers a student the best opportunity to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Virginia Reiss & Miltner Associates (VRM) works collaboratively with involved parents, teachers, and therapists to determine a course of action regarding the student/young adult involved.

Step 1
Initially, Virginia Reiss and/or Susan Miltner meet with the parents to discuss their child's needs and issues. (Prior to this meeting, transcripts, test data and a student history report are reviewed.) A general plan of action is discussed. One appointment may be all that is needed.

If continuing assistance is needed:

  • VRM collects subjective input from the student/young adult (when appropriate.) VRM contacts teachers, therapists, etc. to gain further insight into the student's needs.

  • With all pertinent information considered, VRM makes specific recommendations for an individualized course of action. VRM works closely with the family throughout the decision-making and implementation process. These could include a number of possibilities: recommendations of schools/programs, specific accommodations, interventions, psycho-educational evaluation or referrals for the services of other professionals.

  • The student and his/her progress is monitored closely. This may include attending IEP's, consulting with therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and psychiatrists, schools and treatment programs. VRM works with the parents and students throughout this process, often looking ahead to their next best step.