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Teens In Crisis

The Parent's View

parent's ViewI'm scared! My daughter/son has become a stranger. He used to love sports and the trumpet, draw murals and do well in school. We were so proud.

My child once had wonderful friends and now avoids them. The new friends are mostly unknown to me. They smoke and drink and they cut classes and they never look adults in the eye. They are all so angry.

I've always been there for my kid, and have given him/her all of the things that my parents never gave to me. He's got a stereo, a TV, a computer, a snowboard, the "right clothes," expensive lessons or trips or.......

But my kid says he/she hates me, and wants to be anywhere but home. School sucks, and friends are more important than going to classes. "Drugs are not such a big deal - everyone uses."

I'm scared and I hurt. I am sick with worry. I'm afraid to breathe and don't know where to turn.