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Teens In Crisis

The Consultant's View

I am an Educational Consultant. When I pick up the phone I often find a parent who is in a great deal of pain over one or more of his/her children.

These parents have found me during a sometimes-long search for answers. They are good parents doing the best they know how. They often have tried many interventions in the past - setting limits, withholding rewards - speaking to therapists, counselors, school personnel, friends and relatives.

What does work with children - especially teens - who are out of control, have lost interest in school, are using drugs and alcohol, and are rude and disrespectful to teachers and other adults in positions of authority? Should they wait until their child out grows the behavior? Or is there something else that might bring about change?

There are no easy answers, and what may be appropriate for one child, may be disastrous for another.

What we do:

We begin with the parents - meeting with them to get a detailed history of the child's life - learning what has gone on in the past, and what is occurring in the present.

We try to learn, from the parents, and by talking with others who have been involved in helping the child in school and in the community. If the child is willing to participate in the process they are asked to join in. We pool our knowledge, and make recommendations to the parents about their options.

Should the child need to go to an out of home placement for a short or longer while, we help the parents to find appropriate, ethical, quality programs and schools.

How do we know what Programs are good?

We travel about a week a month visiting schools and programs all over the United States. We meet the people who work "in the trenches" with their students. What are their credentials, what kind of experience have they had, do they genuinely care about the families with whom they work?

What are the facilities like? Are they clean, neat, organized, and student friendly? What level of supervision are they able to provide? Who are the other students whom they serve?

We monitor our placements and follow our students during their stay. Often we visit them at their school or program.

Because we are completely INDEPENDENT and work only for the family, not for any of the facilities to whom we may refer, we are free to recommend only those schools and programs that are appropriate for a given child. WE NEVER RECEIVE ANY PAY FROM ANY SCHOOL OR PROGRAM FOR OUR REFERRALS.

NO PROGRAM IS THE BEST FOR ALL STUDENTS. Fortunately, there is a vast universe of choices. Our job is to find the right people to work with your child.