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Experts in Therapeutic crisis interventions and residential treatment placement recommendations for troubled teens and young adults. Before making this important decision, consider all the options. Mistakes are costly in dollars and time and can deepen suffering.

For over thirty years, Virginia Reiss & Miltner has offered hope to families by assisting students with learning disabilities, behavioral issues, mental illness and drug and alcohol problems.

We identify therapeutic schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness programs and young adult transitional programs throughout the United States that will best suit a student's academic, social, emotional and behavioral needs. We are expert Placement Consultants.

Effective crisis intervention counseling for struggling teenagers and young adults who have gotten seriously off track due to mental illness or substance use. We are Therapeutic Consultants.

We offer psycho-educational evaluations to determine what may be causing under achievement. We also advocate for students in need of special education in the school setting. We are Educational Consultants.

Virginia Reiss & Miltner develops comprehensive plans that offer
an abundance of solutions and interventions for teens and young adults.